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Our Professional Engineers have extensive and specialized energy engineering experience 


Managing large portfolios in complex settings to ensure program success




As an independent third-party, ARC provides unbiased analysis of your  project


ARC excels at learning client objectives and planning actionable programs


Data analysis, monitoring tools, and energy management services to maximize energy savings


We turn complex data into insights to inform decisions and improve operations

Our mission is to help our clients cost effectively achieve lasting energy savings.
ARC Alternatives is a responsive, nimble organization with a singular focus on project execution

featured projects

UC CSU Utility Energy Efficiency Partnership

Client:  Southern California Edison (SCE), lead utility on behalf of the Partnership 

Location of Project: California (Statewide)

Project Description:  Statewide Program manager from 2015 to present. The UC/CSU/Utility Energy Efficiency Partnership covers the 15 UC and 23 CSU campuses and through 2016 saves the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) annually 460 million kWh, 25 million therms and achieved approximately 65MW of demand reduction, earning the universities $133M of incentives and helping California’s primary Investor Owned Utilities(Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Gas) achieve their energy efficiency goals. The Partnership is on track to add significantly to those totals in 2017 and beyond.

Colton Joint Unified School District Solar and Storage Program Management

Client:  Colton Joint Unified School District

Location of Project: Colton, CA

Project Description:  The District hired ARC Alternatives to perform a feasibility study for solar and battery energy storage at 29 sites across the District, development of specifications and RFP documents, procurement support, and assistance with contract negotiations with the selected vendor.  We will also be supporting the District though the design and implementation phases of the project, including design review, construction support, testing oversight, and performance validation.  ARC Alternatives is in the process of assisting CJUSD implement 6 MW of solar power at 29 sites and 1 MW of battery energy storage at 7 sites, with annual production of approximately 9.6 million kWh.  The entire project, from design to close-out is expected to take less than 18 months. 

Deep Energy Efficiency Study

Client:  University of California Office of the President (UCOP)

Location of Project: California (Statewide)

Project Description:  ARC Alternatives identified and quantified deep energy efficiency retrofits and cogeneration improvements systemwide. ARC developed and applied a definition of Deep Energy Efficiency which includes: (1) a comprehensive, integrated retrofit approach at a building level targeting multiple energy end-uses, and (2) saves 50% or more from current building energy or, reduces building (site) EUI to below 50% of the UC BuildingSpecific Benchmark (a benchmark EUI based on the UC 1999 Building Benchmarks customized to the specific space type mix of a particular building). Results of the study are being used to develop a funding program and to prioritize projects.  

WUSD Prop 39 & Solar Support

Client:  Washington Unified School District (WUSD)

Location of Project: West Sacramento, CA

Project Description:  ARC Alternatives is actively working as WUSD’s Proposition 39 Strategic and Technical Consultant to develop an overall strategic energy plan for the District and fulfill all CEC and CDE Prop 39 requirements for their energy expenditure plan (EEP) and funding. ARC is coordinating Prop 39 work with other concurrent District initiatives including an extensive Capital Improvement Plan, a Cenergistic energy manager contract, an ESCO proposal, and their recently completed, large scale solar PV project at multiple campuses.  The EEP has been approved, and ARC is assisting the District with implementation to include writing technical specifications, procurement support and construction oversight. Additionally, ARC has supported the District’s Solar Phase 3 project which added just under 1MW across six school sites. Our work included management of the system design process of selected solar contractor, OpTerra; engineering review of OpTerra’s design submittals; oversight of technical issues during the construction period; review of system testing and acceptance; assistance with project close-out; and final verification of system performance and energy savings. 

University of Santa Cruz Strategic Energy Planning

Client:  University of California

Location of Project: Santa Cruz, CA

Project Description:  As the lead for energy efficiency and renewable generation and battery energy storage, ARC Alternatives was a key team member on a recently completed project to support the campus with an integrated climate and energy strategy.  The scope of work included developing and implementing a comprehensive energy efficiency audit with a focus on therm savings, deep energy efficiency opportunities, and carbon emission reduction for approximately 2.5M SF; conducting a renewable energy feasibility study, with a focus on solar thermal, solar photovoltaics, and battery energy storage;  Conducting a technical/economic analysis based on all pertinent inputs and recommending the most cost-effective, attainable strategies (projects, policy updates, procurement, etc.) for addressing campus climate and energy goals; and  integrating faculty and students into the overall Strategy.  The process resulted in over 1050 energy efficiency and 12 renewable generation project identified, and a cost-effective plan for the campus to exit Cap and Trade and reach carbon neutrality by 2025.

Advanced Water Treatment Data Analytics

Client:  Trussell Technologies

Location of Project: San Diego, CA

Project Description:  ARC Alternatives led the data analysis efforts for the evaluation of the feasibility of developing uniform water recycling criteria for Direct Potable Reuse water treatment facilities. Direct Potable Reuse helps meet future water demands while developing more sustainable water practices through treating recycled water to supplement public drinking water supplies. ARC Alternatives retrieved , consolidated, and analyzed performance monitoring data from the advanced water treatment test facility in San Diego. The data spanned a year of plant operation and was collected in 10 second intervals.  ARC alternatives used custom built data analysis packages built in the open source statistical programming language R to deliver interactive figures and results. Analysis included both time-series plant operational certainty as well longer duration total plant performance. The results from the analysis were used to inform the California Framework for Direct Potable Reuse that will be used to guide the implementation of Direct Potable Reuse facilities in the State of California.

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The three founding Principals of ARC Alternatives collectively have over 50 years of experience in energy engineering, energy program management, public sector procurement, and the management of design-build contracts.



Andrew Meiman, PE

Mr. Meiman’s specialty is developing and managing large-scale, multi-stakeholder energy efficiency programs. He is currently the Statewide Program Manager for the UC/CSU/Utility Energy Efficiency Partnership, which saves the University of California and California State University tens of millions annually in utility costs, earning the universities over $140M of incentives and helping California utilities and universities achieve their carbon and energy goals. Additionally, Mr. Meiman has advised clients on energy efficiency and renewable energy policy, regulatory and financial issues. Mr. Meiman is a strong supporter of sustainability and public education in his local community. He currently serves as a Director and Treasurer of the Pacifica Land Trust. Previously, he co-founded the Pacifica Education Foundation and served as CFO and Executive Board member for seven years. He is a registered Professional Engineer (Mechanical) in California.


Russell Driver

Mr. Driver has extensive experience managing large-scale technology programs in complex institutional settings. Mr. Driver specializes in the development and implementation of energy programs in the public sector. Mr. Driver has led consulting efforts supporting solar and energy efficiency programs at numerous K-12 districts, in higher education, and for cities and counties. Mr. Driver’s expertise includes solar technology, energy economics, public sector procurement, design-build contracting, system design review, construction oversight, project management, and data management. He is an active volunteer in the community having served on the Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s Citizens Advisory Committee and the Town of Moraga's Planning Commission and Climate Action Plan Task Force. 


Curtis Schmitt, PE

Mr. Schmitt specializes in working with diverse organizations to provide strategic planning by marrying the depth and breadth of his technical expertise with a programmatic approach.  Mr. Schmitt has experience in a wide variety of energy efficiency projects with virtually every customer segment during his extensive career, providing technical acumen to identify, analyze and develop projects as well as conduct peer reviews & provide owner’s representative services through all phases of project implementation. He is also a registered Professional Engineer (Mechanical) in California.



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